Direction, Animation, Video Installations

A four-channel immersive videoinstallation, 6 Min. Loop, D 2021
Direction, Animation, Production: Felicia Bergström, Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF

Inside the four walls of Cycle of Violence, the visitor encounters the seemingly loving and playful Bunny. Giggling as she hops between hills of fluffy pink cotton wool, she beckons us in, trying to charm and seduce us. But the relationship, at first so intimate and lustful, suddenly breaks down and turns to a furious escalation of accusations and violence, ending in brutal self destruction. Trapped together with Bunny in an endless repetition, thrown between the sweetest love, fiercest hatred and despair, the visitor is the only one of the two who can make the decision to either stay or leave. Through the action of physically leaving the room, the spiral of violence is broken and the relationship with Bunny is brought to an end.

The Cycle of Violence is an immersive video installation that completly surround the audience. The Video is Projected on for walls, 360 degrees around the audience. The story is constructed as a loop, without a beginning or an end. The film can also be experienced in a similar way in VR.

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