Direction, Animation, Video Installations

A four-channel immersive videoinstallation, 6 Min. Loop, D 2021
Direction, Animation, Production: Felicia Bergström, Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF

So sweet so painful, a love caught in violent abuse, animated with stop motion, puppets and clay. The Protagonist as well as the story is looping around the room and the audience, trapping us inside.
The Cycle of Violence is an immersive video installation that completly surround the audience. The Video is Projected on for walls, 360 degrees around the audience. The story is constructed as a loop, without a beginning or an end. The film can also be experienced in a similar way in VR.


Concept, Direction, Animation, Production:
Felicia Bergström
Bunny: Teresa Riemann
Musik: Tim Wollmann
Sound Design, Mixing: Samuel L. Schwenk
Poster/Layout: Marie-Louise Cramer

Making of
in the studio

Making of
Animation test Head 1

Making of
Animation test Head 2

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